April 26th, 2012

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A Muse Meme - is a prompt community dedicated to any and all muses. No applications. No waiting to be approved. No claims. While most posters will use a character's LJ for their posts, you are not required to do that. You may post from your personal LJ, but you must state the Muse/Fandom in the post and subject. Please post only one muse per meme.

AU versions of Canon characters, crossovers, and original characters are welcome to join.

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Muse Meme #1 - The Virginity Meme

How did you lose your virginity, and/or how do you wish you'd lost your virginity?

Optional ideas:
1 - In the back seat of a car...
2 - In your bedroom.
3 - After prom.
4 - On a dark and stormy night.
5 - It was the blind leading the blind.
6 - Author's choice

You were:
1 - Scared
2 - Drunk
3 - Madly in love
4 - Afraid of getting caught
5 - Cheating
6 - Author's choice

Please write your ficlet answering the main question. You are free to use any of the optional ideas. Optional really means optional here. Good luck and have fun.

The tag for this Meme is: (meme #1)

The next Meme Prompt will be posted May 2nd.

Meme #1 - How I lost my virginity - Gabriel Gray

Character: Gabriel Gray
Genre: gen
Author: gabriel_gray
Fandom: Heroes
Word count: 360
Rating: PG
Prompts: Meme #1 for a_muse_meme How did you lose your virginity?
Notes: Long before Heroes. Gabe is probably around 22 in this. He was a late bloomer.

I was drunk, so was she.

Comments to my LJ, please. Thanks for reading.