April 27th, 2012

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Author, Fandom Tags - Mod Notice

Hey Guys,

I went through and cleaned up the tags on the Comm. I don't think I realized how long this place has been around. Then I added author tags for any members who replied to Meme #1. I also, because I'm so OCD about organization, went through and Character - author tagged ALL of my old entries. I started out small, but by the time I was done tagging all of Sylar's fics, my eyes glazed over.

Here is what the tags should look like:
(meme #1), fandom - star trek, spock - iam_spock
(meme #3), fandom - buffy the vampire slayer - faith - faithhurtsyou

If you'd like to be insane like me, looks over at 1breath, and decide to tag your old entries, LJ's nifty Filter feature up in the menu bar was a wonderful, amazing, life altering thing. There's no way I'd have done the back catalog as fast as I did without it. If you need a tag, please reply to this entry, and I'll make one for you.

Thanks for everything,
Lee aka too many muses

Meme #1 - First Time - Jim Moriarty

Character: Jim Moriarty
Genre: het
Author: [info]eriksselest
Fandom: BBC Sherlock
Word count: 760
Rating: R
Prompts: Meme #1 at [info]a_muse_meme How did you lose your virginity? (In a bedroom, Author’s Choice)
Notes: This takes place a year or so after Carl Powers - so that would put Moriarty in his mid-late teens or so.

The crowded, hazy pub held a secret


Meme #1 - How I lost my virginity - Chad Warwick

Title: The First Time
Character: Chad/Patrick
Genre: Slash
Author: chad_warwick
Fandom: American Horror Story
Word count: 900
Rating: NC17
Prompts: Meme #1 How did you lose your virginity for a_muse_meme
Notes: This is very pre-series, shortly after Pat and Chad met. Chad didn't lose it with Pat, but he's sharing a story with him.

Between the sheets

Comments are better than cupcakes. Thanks for reading.

Meme #1 - How I lost my virginity - Auggie Anderson

Title: Are you the Gate Keeper?
Character: Auggie Anderson
Genre: Het
Author: augustanderson
Fandom: Covert Affairs
Word count: 590
Rating: R
Prompts: Meme #1 How did you lose your virginity for a_muse_meme
Notes: I thought I'd write about Auggies first time after losing his sight instead of high school adventures with a cheerleader in the locker room.

I am the Key Master

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