May 16th, 2012

time for a barbecue

Meme #4 - On the Road Again - Regina the Evil Queen

Title: I'll make boots out of him!
Character: Regina and her father
Genre: Gen
Author: regina_mills
Fandom: Once Upon a Time
Word count: 554
Rating: PG
Prompts: Meme #4 On the Road Again for a_muse_meme
Notes: After the first attempt to cast the Curse, Regina has a bit of a tantrum. I will need tags, please.

My failure was like an icy sword driven through the blackness of my soul. I was trembling with rage and unable to quell the shaking of my hands as I pulled on the reigns of my horse. The nag reared, trying to dislodge me, and I cried out when a low scraggly branch cut into my cheek and tangled in my hair. With the taste of my blood and tears on my lips, I slapped the horse’s flank with my crop, uncaring when she missed a step from the sudden pain. She wasn’t mine. I’d killed my beautiful horse for the Curse.

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