May 21st, 2012

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Meme Monday! - Meme #5 - You get a call at 3am.

You get a call at 3am.

It was:
1 – your significant other
2 – your mom
3 – a wrong number
4 – a bill collector
5 – your boss
6 – author’s choice

You were:
1 – waiting for the call
2 – still drunk from the night before
3 – having sex
4 – sound asleep
5 – just getting home
6 – author’s choice

Please write your ficlet answering the main question. You are free to use any of the optional ideas. Optional really means optional here. Good luck and have fun.

The tag for this Meme is: (meme #5)
peter petrelli - tarnishedhero, (meme #5), fandom - heroes

Title/Subject format:
Meme #5 - You get a call at 5am - Sylar

The next Meme will be posted on Meme Monday!

Meme#2 - What is that smell? - Chuck Shirley

Character: Chuck Shirley
Genre: Gen
Author: plzdonthitme
Fandom: Supernatural
Word count: 209
Rating: PG for language and visual references
Prompts: Meme #2 What is that Smell? for a_muse_meme
Notes: Chuck's not.... always the most clean of people.

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