June 23rd, 2012

Pain and shock

Meme #9 You find a wallet- Chad Warwick

Title: Time to Wake Up, Chad
Character: Chad Warwick
Genre: gen
Author: chad_warwick
Fandom: American Horror Story
Word count: 983
Rating: R - mostly for language
Prompts: Meme #9 You find a wallet for a_muse_meme
Notes: A few months after things started to go to shit in the Murder House between Pat and Chad.

The bed was empty when I opened my eyes. No surprise there. Pat slipped off to work or wherever doing his best never to wake me up these days. God forbid he say ‘goodbye’ or ‘have a nice day, baby’, because that might lead to more talking, and we didn’t want that. No siree Bob, we mustn’t talk to each other. We mustn’t wake each other up because we’re horny either. He was probably off screwing his partner in the back of their rig or something like that. I wonder what sort of protective gear EMTs have for cheating on their spouses. Do their condoms have labels that say ‘for use in case of emergency hard-on’?

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