August 6th, 2012

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Meme Monday! - Meme #15 - You wake up in someone else’s body.

Meme #15
You wake up in someone else’s body.

It was:
1 – In a lab
2 – On the street
3 – In a hotel room
4 – Someone you knew
5 – A stranger’s body
6 – Author’s choice

You were:
1 – Ready for this
2 – Confused and pissed
3 – Looking at your own body
4 – Going to have a ton of fun in body
5 – Is that a penis/Are those my breasts?
6 – Author’s choice

Please write your ficlet answering the main question. You are free to use any of the optional ideas. Optional really means optional here. Good luck and have fun.

The tag for this Meme is: (meme #15)
peter petrelli - empath_peter, (meme #15), fandom - heroes

Title/Subject format:
Meme #15 - You wake up in someone else’s body. - Sasan Arfur

Header for your posts: (or something like this)
Genre: (gen, het, slash...)
Word count: (At least 150)
Rating: (Movie ratings are fine)

The next Meme will be posted on Meme Monday!

Meme #10 It Hurts When I do That - Bobby Singer

Character: Bobby Singer
Genre: Gen
Author: notyourpromdate
Fandom: Supernatural
Word count: 600+
Rating: Mmm..I'm never good at this.. R- for language...
Prompts: Meme #10: It hurts when I do that.
Notes: Okay, so.. I kind of took the prompt a little loosely, this little fic-let has been sitting around gathering dust for a bit on my journal, so I thought, I might just pull it out and share. Warnings are for spoilers for SPN season 5 episode 10, Abandon all Hope. Mentions of Character Death, and pretty much Sad!Bobby. This is my first time so be gentle

Collapse )