August 7th, 2012


Meme #5 You get a call at 3am -Natasha Romanoff

Character: Natasha Romanoff (Mentions of Clint Barton, Phil Coulson, and Nick Fury.)
Genre: gen
Author: owe_him_a_debt
Fandom: Avengers (Marvel Cinematic Universe.)
Word count: 430+
Rating: It’s pretty clean… PG (Hinting at prior sex, but vaguely and mention of nudity.)
Prompts: Meme #5 - You get a call at 5am
Notes: Just.. throwing something out there. I’m still sort of…wishy washy about Natasha, since you know.. I’m banging the drum on the back of the band wagon. Anyway, she’s my newest Twitter muse, and I thought I’d take an opportunity to use a few more than 140 characters.
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