October 22nd, 2012

Sleepy Time
  • sylar

Meme Monday - Meme #19 - You haven’t been sleeping.

Mod Note -I'm very sorry for the lack of new Memes. I have been very busy with a new job and my sick cat. At this time new Memes will be posted every other week. In the future, should the activity of the comm continue to wane, that will drop to once a month.

Meme #19
You haven’t been sleeping.
(or sleeping too much)

It was:
1 – too hot (cold)
2 – in a strange bed
3 – too loud
4 – just right
5 – Author’s choice

You were:
1 – unable to shut off your brain
2 – taking a bunch of drugs
3 – ready to kill someone
4 – it was better than facing the world
5 – Author’s choice

Please write your ficlet answering the main question. You are free to use any of the optional ideas. Optional really means optional here. Good luck and have fun.

The tag for this Meme is: (meme #19)
lee rosen - dr_lee_rosen, (meme #19), fandom - Alphas

Title/Subject format:
Meme #19 - You haven't been sleeping. - Dr. McCoy

Header for your posts: (or something like this)
Genre: (gen, het, slash...)
Word count: (At least 150)
Rating: (Movie ratings are fine)

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