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Welcome to a_muse_meme

A Muse Meme - is a prompt community dedicated to any and all muses. No applications. No waiting to be approved. No claims. While most posters will use a character's LJ for their posts, you are not required to do that. You may post from your personal LJ, but you must state the Muse/Fandom in the post and subject. Please post only one muse per meme.

AU versions of Canon characters, crossovers, and original characters are welcome to join.

a_muse_prompts - New Library!

The Prompts:
Prompts will be posted every other week. They will include a main prompt, plus some options that you can use for further inspiration if you like.

We love it when Muses interact with each other, so if your ficlet gets some RP started in your comments, that's great.

You may write ficlets, create graphics, videos or anything else that is inspired by your Muse and the Prompts.

You must include the following in each post:
Genre: (gen, het, slash...)
Word count: (At least 150)
Rating: (Movie ratings are fine)

Graphics: We're not sure how many icons = 150 words, but we trust you. Keep all graphics under a cut except teasers.

Videos: Post videos to your muses' LJ, and link in your post here.

Tagging - Once you have posted, you will be given a Author - Muse tag. Please put that tag on all of your entries. Please also list your fandom and which prompts you are working from.
For example:
Sylar - beastlyinsides, (meme #1, fandom - heroes
Scully - 1breath, (meme #2), fandom - x-files
Neal Caffrey - hairypickles, fandom - white collar, (meme #5)

Please comment on people's posts. Comments are like crack to writers. Share the joy.

These rules are subject to change.
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