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Meme Monday! - Meme #12 Seven wishes for one little soul.

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Meme #12
Seven wishes for one little soul. (Inspired by Bedazzled)

You wished for:
1 – Wealth
2 – Amazing Sex
3 – To be famous
4 – To be powerful
5 – To be beautiful
6 – Author’s choice

What happened:
1 – You were adored
2 – You were alone
3 – You were ignored
4 – You painted a target on your back
5 – You were happy with your choice
6 – Author’s choice

Please write your ficlet answering the main question. You are free to use any of the optional ideas. Optional really means optional here. Good luck and have fun.

The tag for this Meme is: (meme #12)
auggie anderson - augustanderson, (meme #12), fandom - cover affairs

Title/Subject format:
Meme #12 - Seven wishes for one little soul - Neal Caffrey

The next Meme will be posted on Meme Monday!
Tags: (meme #12), (meme), (mod)
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